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  • Money change
    The best place is change stores. they have glass counters like in the banks, thy will have a big sign that say change, there will be a sign with the rates and there will be no commission. The next best place is the post office. You can withdrawal money at ATM it is better to use the ones that are attach to a bank. Hotels And banks can exchange money but they but They always charge commission and the rates are worse.
  • Taxi
    Never entered taxi before you confirmed that: 1. The driver speaks English (come come yes yes is not English) 2. The driver knows the address you are going to. Taxi drivers supposed to turn the miter automatically. sometimes You Can Bargain for a price. It is best to have an estimate of the price but you should be ok if the meter is on. Do not tip taxi driver unless they do something unusual or carry your luggage. I recommend using get taxi app, Uber do not work in Israel like in the rest of the world. In tel aviv there are shuttle taxis thy fallow bus line but thy can pick up and drop of everywhere along the line the price is similar to the bus price.
  • Tips
    10 -15 in Restaurants if you want to tip credit you need to tell them before you get the bill, you cannot add tip on the bill paper manually. It is costumed to tip delivery person, group tour guide, bus driver of tour bus
  • Laundry
    In the big city's there are vending laundry, there are delivery laundry thy are usually chipper then the hotel.
  • What to bring for a trip to Israel
    Bring sandals or water shoes. (in addition to flipflop) During the day shorts are good For Jerusalem night bring long closing Holy sites - holy sites are Synagogue mosque or church, the old city of Jerusalem is not a holy site. What to wear for holy site - shirt like t-shirt and pence that are longer than your knee. (Girl's don’t need skirt). For every day make sure you have- hat sun bloke.
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